Mothers Day
Our Mothers Day Mass and morning tea were very well attended, in fact Holy Family Church was full to capacity. The mothers, grandmothers and aunts who attended had the opportunity to meet and socialise with other parents at the morning tea. We were very fortunate to have the Junior School Choir, led by Mrs Tompkin, as well as one of Mr Doughertys music groups, the Year Six singers and Georgia Bennett provide the music for the Mass. As usual Mrs Palfrey did a wonderful job in organising the Mass.

My thanks go to the P & F Committee who helped to organise ...Read more

Upcoming Events

Event Event Date
JS Bookfair Monday 25 - Wednesday 27 May
JS Assembly Thursday 28 May
Yr 10/11/12 Exams Friday 29 May - Friday 5 June
WA Day Holiday Monday 1 June
Yr 3/6/9 Dental Screening Thursday 4 June
JS Inter House X-Country Friday 5 June

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