The College offers a diverse and balanced curriculum designed to meet the needs of students appropriate to their stage of schooling.

The Kindergarten and Pre-primary are based on a sound understanding of young children’s developmental and learning characteristics. Activities are designed to be ‘hands-on’ and fun. Children are encouraged to develop an enjoyment of learning, an understanding of the world around them and a positive relationship with others.

In the more formal Junior School years there is an emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills, effective communication, collaborative learning, problem solving, creative and imaginative thinking and social skills.

In Middle School the curriculum is characterised by an emphasis on integrated, as well as some specialised, learning. Students are encouraged to develop as independent learners.

In Senior School courses become increasingly focused and specialised. Students can choose from a range of Tertiary Entrance and vocational subjects. They have an opportunity to participate in vocational programmes, including the Structured Work-based Learning @ work programme.

The staff has been engaged in whole school planning in the implementation of the Curriculum Framework and the use of the Progress Maps. The K – 12 nature of the College is a very positive feature in enabling staff to have a perspective of education in all stages of learning. The significant collaboration between sub-schools facilitates ease of transition.