'Wheelchairs for Kids' College Fun Run

Through our continued support of the volunteers at Christian Brother Ollie Pickett's Wangara wheelchair building workshop, we are able to help children who cannot walk access a path to full human development.
St Joseph's College believes that the life of every person is a special journey. Providing a wheelchair for a child disabled by warfare, disease or accident is a wonderful gift to a vulnerable person. It not only presents the child with freedom, but also frees the person who cares for that child to work and contribute to the family's income and wellbeing.
We were blessed with stunning weather for our Fun Run this year and it was matched by the atmosphere created by the enthusiasm, compassion and physical fitness displayed by our students. Students from Years One to Year Twelve joined in with the effort to run, jog or walk the course. Parents and staff were witness to the wonderful energy and positive spirit of all of our students. Competition was strong and the each student was grateful for the water donated by the Albany Water Corporation.