Anzac Celebrations
On Friday 24 April, the College held an ANZAC Ceremony. Students from Years One to Twelve gathered in House Groups and moved to different stations to learn about various theatres of war in which Australia had been involved, including its peacekeeping activities. At the conclusion of the ceremony students were treated to an ANZAC biscuit courtesy of the College P & F. Thank you to all those involved in this commemoration: Mrs Mielens, Mrs Palfrey, Mrs McCormack, Dr Runco, Mrs Bennett, Mrs Hines, Mrs Cavanagh, Mrs Finlay, Mr West and Mr Gary Scott.

As mentioned last week, one hundred and fifty of our students and staff were able to participate in the Albany Combined Schools Service, also on the Friday. St Josephís students, together with the students from the district, marched proudly down York Street to the applause of visitors and locals alike - the Diggers would have been pleased I think! We make a special thank you to the Committee who put this together, especially our own representative Mr Jim Morcom.