Science Awareness Festival
Last Thursday Year Seven and Year Nine students together with their science teachers Greg Cranwell, Cheryl McCormack, Caroline Tompkin and Ann Heward attended the Science Awareness Festival held at the Centennial Oval Showgrounds by the Scitech Outreach Team. The aim of the festival was to give students and teachers the opportunity to appreciate the importance of science within local industry and equip teachers with information that will support and encourage the futures of their students.

The students were able to spend time exploring all the interactive stalls and exhibits put in place by local businesses, government agencies and tertiary institutions. Additionally, students were able to spend thirty minutes engaging in informal talks with two to three stall holders discussing the “real life” aspects of a career using science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Students had the opportunity to learn how to do sutures on a pig’s trotter, extract gluten from flour, identify pests in the garden, how to track the source and destination of meteorites and understand the importance of the desalination process which were only few of the many exhibits on show.

There is no question, given the enthusiastic way the students embraced the interactive stalls and engaged with the stall holders, that most of them came away more aware of the endless career possibilities using science and mathematics. The animated chatter on the bus returning to the College revealed that some were even talking about career opportunities that interested them.
Mrs Ann Heward - Science Learning Team