Dalai Lama Speech

On the 15 June Mr Runco, Jackson Hines, Connor Pollard, Fraser Powell and Megan Winter travelled to Perth for an inspirational talk from His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama of Tibet at UWA. We left on Sunday morning, together with Great Southern Grammar and Mount Barker Community College, arriving at the University Residential Units in the late afternoon. After a dinner at Broadway Food Court, where University students often gather, we retired for an early night in preparation for the great event.
After breakfast, we found our seats and discovered we were lucky to be in close proximity to the stage. As soon as His Holiness entered the stage, a standing ovation filled the Octagon Theatre. From our seats we could clearly see the Buddhist spiritual leader unpacking the questions presented by different students from all around Western Australia, with a sense of humour which only the great leaders possess. The topic of the presentation was “The Importance of Education” and focused on the pursuit of happiness and social justice in a fast and challenging world. The Dalai Lama’s spirit captivated the crowd, who were both engrossed and surprised at some of his answers. We found the event stimulating, inspirational and fulfilling. It was a great opportunity to share such a rare experience of interfaith. The experience has deepened our knowledge of a different creed and worldview.
Mr Runco, Jackson Hines, Connor Pollard, Fraser Powel and Megan Winter.